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An angry blogger

Hey google blogger. I have worked on my blog for many many hours writing articles, posting content, sizing and positioning images, adjusting and readjusting and adjusting some more. I have put A LOT of work into this blog for over a year and a half. It is a blog that's subject matter is something I personally am very passionate about that I feel could provide positive lifestyle changes for literally millions of people! So, I checked my blog about a week ago because I wanted to post an email thread between myself and an elected official that represented some issues at the core of the current political environment surrounding - the subject matter of the blog. All I found was a message 'access to your blog has been removed'. Further investigation revealed that the google 'spam blog algorithm' had pegged my blog as a 'spam blog'. I have requested having access restored on 3/25 and it is now 3/29. I also submitted a 'second chance' request for restoration to the blog. I have heard absolutely nothing back from Google and there is no contact availible at Google. Needless to say, this is upsetting. I had no idea that a over a years worth of work could just be shutdown in an instant with no warning. So, if you folks at Google are not going to let me have access to my blog again, is there at least a way I could get the posts and comments from it so I can port it to a different location? I did post sales 'links' on the blog as well as running adsense on it but the blog is very fairly weighted between ad's and content. Could someone at Google please make a decision and let me know I'd sure appreciate it.
Ralph Woodin