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photos upload problems

I've posted a couple of times about problems I have uploading pictures and since then have had numerous replies to those posts from people having the same problems.  My main issue previously was that I could still LOAD multiple pictures, but I could no longer add them one at a time into my blog as I typed the text.  I would upload the first one, type some more text, go to upload the next one and all the other photos had disappeared from the "photo cache".  I have basically had to learn to live with that and have been uploading one photo at a time as I need it.

Today I received another response to one of my previous forum posts and the person said they had had that problem and solved it by signing out and signing back in.  I tried that and it didn't work for me so once again, I started typing my new post, came to where I wanted to insert my first picture (one half of a rainbow), put it in, moved it to "left", and then went back to "insert photo" to upload the next one (the other half of the rainbow), inserted that and could not get it to be on the same level as the first photo (and was using the small size so there was PLENTY of room to have them side by side.  When I inserted it, it came in as "center" and I thought once I clicked on "right", it would shift over and move back up to where I wanted it (and, yes, when I uploaded the second picture, I had the cursor at the top right hand corner of the first picture so it should have come up there).

At any rate, I tried a couple more times and then came up with yet ANOTHER issue (two new problems in one attempt at posting a blog!!  a record!!!)  NOW, I upload the one photo, insert it where I want it, and when I go back to upload the next photo (because remember there's no sense uploading multiple photos cause they just disappear), I can't upload it.  I click on "browse files", find the photo I want, click upload and get nothing - not an error message, not the little turning circle that indicates it's working, just nothing.  So then I have to save what I've done, go back to "edit posts", open it back up again and then I can put in one more photos.

This is insanely frustrating.  As I said, I learned to live with uploading one at a time - it annoyed me, but I could deal with it.  But the rest of this is just really getting to be too much.  And today, I looked through the various posts for uploading picture problems and found one actually from the Blogger Tech group dated MARCH 30, 2010 that said they were aware of the problems and were working on getting it fixed and to keep checking back for updates.  But since that March 30 message, they haven't posted again.  They also suggested it might help to use the "old post editor" setting so I tried that and it was AWFUL!!  I can see why they developed the new post editor.  It's the only one I've used (I started my blog last year) and it had been wonderful until the photo problems started and they just seem to get worse and worse, and as far as I know, nothing is being done about any of it.

Are there really Blogger techs?  Are they really working on problems such as these?  The only thing that seems to happen when problems are posted in the forum is that all the bloggers reply saying yes they're having the same problems, or suggesting things to try (which are usually either beyond me or don't help)  or reporting on the problems THEY'RE having. 

Please, please someone do something about this upload photos mess!!  At this point, if I knew how to move my blog somewhere else, I'd do it in a minute!