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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hi! to all I'm having a problem uploading images in both the old blogger and draft blogger. I have a photo blog and most of my blogging time goes into uploading photos and all of a sudden it has become really monotonous to upload images on blogger. Most important of it all, neither did I choose the draft blogger or nothing. I'm still able to sign to the old blogger home or whatever, but the problem here is with uploading images. The window pane or console that used appear while uploading image to your post has changed and there is a new window pane in both the old and new (draft blogger) and takes several minutes and sometimes refreshing the page several times to upload one image. Whereas this wasn't the situation earlier, especially with slow connection people are having some miserable time uploading images on blogger. Here's an estimation of time to upload an image now as per what I'm experiencing, it takes several minutes and several times of refreshing the page to upload one (1) image. I've over 1'400 images posted already and it's all about images since it's a photo blog, just imagine my situation. I need to post anywhere between 20 - 100 images in a day ( depends on the time I'm free and I upload as and when time permits). Just imagine my situation. What am I supposed to do now? It takes so much of time to upload just one picture! I don't know much about the draft or old blogger but I'm have the same problem with both of them. I think it's more related to uploading files and images and blogger is trying to introduce or testing a new system of uploading files and images. Whatever it is it's causing a lot of inconvenience and the way I'm feeling right now I feel many bloggers are getting discouraged by this step of theirs and they would simply switch over to other platforms as they have no option. Moreover, it's been 7 months when the first complain about this was made and there has not been any progress to look into this case means blogger is least interested about this issue. Which also means we fall amongst a countable bunch of people, about whom blogger gives a damn or cares the least or nothing at all. Blogger definitely does not seem to value our reaction, it's not even feeling the worth to respond to such few numbers of reaction. So, now I'm feeling as if we are worth nothing as our complains, feelings and suggestions are not being given any importance. They just don't seem to react and they will never. God bless them for being like this!

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