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There is another way to make a sticky post. Use a text gadget. Drag it to the top of the page, like this one.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wider post area

Q: How do I make my blog wider?

A: You can make your post area wider if you are willing to move your side bars contents to the footer. Click design. Drag and drop all your side bar gadgets to the footer. Your requirement is to reduce the width of the side bars to zero and increase the width of the post area to maximum (1000 px) covering the whole monitor screen.

design>>template designer>>layout. Select a body layout with no side bar at all. Select a footer with 3 compartments. Click "apply to blog" to save changes. Click design, drag and rearrange all your gadgets into the footer.

design>>template designer>>adjust widths. Slide the pointer to extreme right (1000px) Click "apply to blog" to save changes. You will now have a blog which is exactly as wide as this one. Please scroll down and click on [home] to see maximum sized images.

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